Two for the Price of One None

Well, we did it. We finally did it. We cut Grahm's hair. Now, this isn't his first haircut. It is actually his third. But it is definitely the most substantial haircut he has ever had. Now, I was all for letting it grow out so it was all one length, but Chris had the idea this morning to taper it downward. (Similar to the twin boys on the t.v. show Full House...for those of you who watched that show. And hey, there is no shame in admitting you watched it! I actually own the DVDs, I like it that much.) And, in all honesty, I really like it. I was a little sad to see all his long hair go because it was almost to the length where it would go behind his ears, but his hair just doesn't want to part on one side or another, so it would always end up back in his face. And I just know Peggy's heart skipped a little beat when Chris told her he wanted her to cut Grahm's hair, as she always makes a point to say how his hair is in his eyes. She even told Isabelle a few weeks ago that Grahm needed a haircut, and being the sweet little tattletale she is, she told me. Now, Peggy wasn't the only person who wanted Grahm to get a haircut. She was just the most vocal about it, so it was always fun to tease her.

Before (obviously)

Chris said he looks like one of the Beetles now

Chris' mom, Peggy, cut Grahm's hair at her house today after lunch. We figured that since her carpet was full of hair already, we asked her to cut Belle's hair too. That, and she is a lot cheaper than a hairdresser because, well, she's free. Belle's hair needed to be evened out, and now almost all her hair is the same length. She has a few strands in front that are still short, but by the time she gets her hair cut again, it will probably all be able to be cut the same length.

Before (taken just yesterday)

She actually got an inch or two cut off, although it doesn't really look like it

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