The Arm Bone is Connected to the Shoulder Bone...

With Halloween only one day away, I thought I had better get these pictures posted before it was too late. My mom had given these matching shirts to the kids for Halloween this year, and I was actually able to wrangle the three of them up for a picture. They had the more fun when I turned the lights off and let them play with the flashlight, which I had out so I could shine it on their shirts to make them glow.


Duck Hunting

*sidenote: I was informed tonight that tae-tae (pacifier) came from Chris' dad's side of the family, not his mom's.*

Well, despite the cold, I had a lot of fun! It was neat getting to see what all the fuss was about. But although I enjoyed my time, I most certainly am not a duck hunter! There is absolutely no way I would be able to shoot at a duck. I would never in a million years be able to hit them they move so fast. I hope to go again and watch, although not anytime soon. I'm going to wait at least until next year because now it is getting a little too cold for me to spend hours outside.

But anyway, about the day. This morning at 6:30, I tagged along with Chris and his uncle Bob. Oh, and Elly too, of course! Thankfully, last night was the night Casey decided to sleep 5 1/2 hours, so I got a restful night's sleep. We got up there and they set up the decoys. Elly was bouncing everywhere she was so excited.

Some ducks flew over in the morning, but they all kept landing out of range. One duck flew right in front of the blind, but no one ever saw it coming so they never got a shot in. This duck was so close you could have practically reached your hand out and grabbed it. Okay, not literally that close, but almost! After a while with no luck shooting, Chris and I went back where he saw one land on the water to try and scare it up. He was successful and shot it down. Elly went running in after it in really thick brush, which I thought for sure it was going to be lost for good. Much to my surprise, she found it! Amazing. Just amazing. It was quite exciting watching her work for the duck.

We ended up spotting some more flocks of ducks, but none of them ever wanted to come down. Chris and his uncle think they are trying to fly as much as they can before the storm comes tomorrow. I think I'm just bad luck. But I hope they are right and the ducks get tired from flying so much that they land in their decoys tomorrow. So despite only getting one duck, it was really quite fun.

I had hoped to take more pictures, but I was afraid that the shine from the camera would scare the ducks and I didn't want to interfere with their hunt. Also, they said that the white faces could scare off ducks, so I kept my face down most of the time. Next time I'll have to put mud on my face so the ducks won't spot me! Most of my pictures were taken when we were just sitting around waiting. I didn't really get any action shots. There is always next time!

What I got to look at while Chris and his uncle Bob put the decoys in the water. Not a bad sight!

Seeing some ducks in the air and getting excited. Unfortunately, they didn't come close enough for them to shoot.

Elly's retrieve. If you can spot her, she has a duck in her mouth.

Chris calling some ducks

One of my "shots". Haha :) Chris said he liked this one, so I thought I'd throw it in.

Elly waiting for some ducks to fly over

Chris' gun. Another one of my shots to pass the time.

Some proof that I actually was there!

The end. Notice the disappointed look on Elly's face?


It's Friday!

Oh, how I love Fridays. They seem so much more carefree than any other week day, and for obvious reason of course. Tomorrow is the start of the weekend! And weekend = Chris is home to help with the kids. It's always so nice to have an extra set of arms and eyes around.

However, tomorrow Chris' parents are coming over bright and early to watch the kids because I'm going to go hunting with him tomorrow. Yes, you read that right. I am going to go out in 40 degree weather and freeze my butt off because I have always been curious to see what all the excitement is about. While I have my hunter's education certificate, I won't actually be hunting because I don't have any of the required hunting licenses. And I don't have the licenses because I am only going out this one time (my first and maybe last...unless it goes well). I am hoping to take some nice pictures tomorrow though. It all depends on if the ducks are flying and if they are within shooting range.

So, until tomorrow, I thought I'd leave you with a few pictures of the kids. On the 21st, Casey finally took a tae-tae (which means pacifier for everyone not related to Peggy's side of the family)! He has absolutely refused it until now, and I cannot even begin to express how extremely thrilled I am about it. Granted, he will only take for about 5 minutes at the moment, but that's 5 minutes more than he's taken it before!

Isabelle and Grahm spend a big chunk of their day playing in Belle's room. Sometimes fights erupt, but most of the time they are very loving towards each other. Sometimes they chase and play together. Other times, they each do their own thing. Isabelle is very neat and tidy when it comes to playing with her toys. She likes to line them up just so. Her room, on the other hand, is quite the opposite: toys everywhere!

Keep your eye on the little green table...

Moving it

to the top of the highchair

Oops! It's a little crooked. Better fix that!

Ahh! Perfection!

Grahm spends a lot of time in Isabelle's closet as that is where the Little People (from my childhood) are. He loves to just sit on the table and play and play and play.

So happy!

I threw this one in here since you couldn't see Isabelle's face in her other pictures. Oh, and no, he's not sucking on one of the Little People. He has his finger in his mouth. I'm thinking he's getting a tooth because he's been doing that for a week or two now.

Grahm's favorite toys

There, well, I hope this long post makes up for my lack of posting lately. Have a great weekend!



1 - This little guy turned 2 months old today.

2 - This slightly older yet still little guy turned 20 months old today.

3 - This little girl had her first dentist visit today...and found out she also has her very first cavitiy! Yikes!


If You're Happy and You Know It

Grahm and Belle are getting their dancing feet ready for Lauren's wedding this weekend.



Casey has been smiling for a few weeks now, but not until today was I finally able to take a decent picture of the event. My brother was able to catch a smile on his camera phone, but I've been too lazy to download the file onto my computer.

Before, his smiles were so brief that by the time I grabbed the camera, he wasn't in a smiling mood anymore. But lately, he has been smiling a lot more. Especially at night/early morning when he is wide awake. Yes, that's right, he is still a night owl. Although at this very moment (10:17 pm), he is asleep in his swing. He just fell asleep about 5 minutes ago and he will be up around 1 or 2 ish, and he is usually up for at least an hour. So, this will be my last post for tonight so that I can get some sleep. That is, if I can lay him down softly enough in his bassinet so that he won't wake up.


This is how Isabelle draws people lately. Cute as it is, the mouths are always a little on the scary side. Chris thinks that they look like something from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. I like the little arms and legs coming out of the head in the picture, personally.

*On a side note, I'm looking forward to the Christmas season so I can watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas Vacation, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and A Christmas Story. Yeah!*


A few more pictures from Saturday

My little thinker

My little mover

Casey and Casey

Blue Eyes

After looking at this photo, I think Isabelle gets her striking blue eyes from her daddy.


Chris' friend Casey was in town last week to visit his family and go duck hunting with Chris. Chris took off work Thursday and Friday to go with him, and they also went again on Saturday with their friend Brian who lives in town. On Saturday, the three of them had a cookout at our house to eat all the duck they shot. From what I heard, it was pretty good. There was no way I was about to eat it though. Chicken is my choice of meat. I can barely stand steak. The only reason I eat that is because I tell myself red meat is good for me once in a while.

Anyway, it was a perfect afternoon to be outside. And I think everyone had a good time. I know Isabelle and Grahm did! They got to spend the majority of the day outside since Chris, Brian, and Casey (his friend, not "junior" as he calls our baby) sat on the deck and watched them.


Oh Come On, Seriously?!

And here I thought he did a great job eating his lunch. That is, until I took the tray off his high chair. Not only did he have a mess on his lap, but when I lifted him up he had a whole lot more food on his chair. It times like these that having our dog, Elly, around is very useful.


Uncle Dave

My brother is in town for a few days, and the kids are enjoying him immensely. Isabelle and Grahm love chasing him (and vice versa) and horsing around with him. And Casey has enjoyed being held by him.

My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby (a boy!) in December, so I'm giving him as much practice as I can. So far, he has accomplished: buckling Casey in an infant seat, strapping Grahm and Isabelle into their carseats, and strapping Grahm into a stroller (which was really the only thing he had difficulty with). I have yet to have him change a diaper. But he's still here for a few more days, so it will get done! I'm just trying to give him a crash course into taking care of kids. And besides, it's nice having an extra set of arms around when Chris isn't home.