Casey has been smiling for a few weeks now, but not until today was I finally able to take a decent picture of the event. My brother was able to catch a smile on his camera phone, but I've been too lazy to download the file onto my computer.

Before, his smiles were so brief that by the time I grabbed the camera, he wasn't in a smiling mood anymore. But lately, he has been smiling a lot more. Especially at night/early morning when he is wide awake. Yes, that's right, he is still a night owl. Although at this very moment (10:17 pm), he is asleep in his swing. He just fell asleep about 5 minutes ago and he will be up around 1 or 2 ish, and he is usually up for at least an hour. So, this will be my last post for tonight so that I can get some sleep. That is, if I can lay him down softly enough in his bassinet so that he won't wake up.

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