And that's not all!

I forgot to add in the last post that it snowed here and it actually stuck to the ground the last day of November. Grahm and Belle of course had to go and play in it. So after dinner, Chris and I got them bundled up and let them play outside for a little bit until bedtime. Unfortunately, what you see in the picture is all the snow we got. Unlike 30 minutes away where they got 5+ inches!

Chris stayed out with the kids while I got to stay inside with Casey where it was nice and warm.

Oh, and don't the lights look lovely? Chris put them up that afternoon. We use the big retro lights, which I love. It makes us unique in our neighborhood because no one else uses them.


This was Isabelle's outfit of choice for most of the day yesterday:

I call it the Midwestern Hillbilly outfit. I love how she had her gloves on while eating her snack. Oh, and in case you were wondering...she was watching Tom and Jerry on t.v., which is her absolute favorite show as some of you know.

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