Christmas Parade

Well, on our to-do list this weekend was to go to the Christmas parade they were having downtown tonight. Everyone braved the cold weather for the fun! We bundled the kiddos up in their snowpants, boots, warm coats, and mittens and watched the parade. We were actually quite impressed with the turnout. Not only were there quite a few floats that participated, but quite a few families showed up. This was our first year, and I think it may become a tradition now. I can just hear Chris groaning as he reads this.

The original plan was to go home and get the kids settled down for bed. But since Chris' grandpa was working that night at the lighting of the park, we went down there instead (although we were planning on doing that tomorrow). So many volunteers helped decorate one of the parks in Christmas lights. It looked beautiful! Since it was close to bedtime when we got there, we couldn't stay long. Just enough time to say "hi" to Chris' grandpa and go visit Santa.

We have a busy day planned for tomorrow. At church, they are having a breakfast with Santa from 9-11. When we get home from that, Grahm takes his nap. Then, after his nap, we'll have lunch and then go cut our Christmas tree. (I'm really looking forward to that. We started that tradition last year.) After that, it will be time for Grahm's afternoon nap. And when he wakes up from that, we're going to church. We were originally planning on going to look at the lights after church, but since we did it tonight, I think we'll skip it tomorrow. Although I do hope to go back and look at the lights again when the kids aren't so tired.

With that, I leave you a few pictures from our festive evening:

They had all the Christmas decorations up downtown on the lightposts.

The kids sure looked nice and warm! Casey is sleeping in his carseat behind Isabelle, with Grahm's blanket over him.

Isabelle absolutely LOVED the parade. She was so excited to be there. Hearing her squeal with excitement definitely made it worthwhile.

I think Grahm enjoyed it. He didn't seem to mind it anyway.

This was my favorite float.

Finally! Santa came to finish off the parade. It was about a 25 minute parade, which is pretty long when you are standing in 20 degree weather (not including windchill) with the wind blowing in your face.

Ho ho ho! Priceless!

Isabelle was not a fan of Santa either.

Isabelle liked how the candy cane lights matched her candy cane from Santa.

Considering how small a town this is, they do a very nice job on the lights in the park. Driving by, it looks so pretty. This picture doesn't even show half of what they did. We may take the kids back again another night, so I will hopefully be able to take some better shots.

What a trooper. Casey slept in his carseat all night, all bundled up. Doesn't he look cozy?

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