Christmas Eve

Chad, Lisa, Alexis, and Luke stopped by in the morning to see Frosty. It was nice because the cousins had a chance to spend some time together before it got too hectic.

Frosty doing her show-dog pose. She actually does this quite a bit.

Aunt Lisa and Casey.

Cousin Luke and Casey. In a couple more years, they'll be rough-housing together.

We also had Chris' cousins and their husbands stop by to see Frosty that afternoon too. Quite the popular dog she is!

Elly got her fair share of attention too though.

Cousin Angie and Belle having a spot o' tea.

Cousin Sara and Casey spending some time together.

When the evening finally came around, we went over to Mimi and Bompa's house (Chris' maternal grandparents). We ate some food, waited for Santa, and opened presents. I always love watching the kids and seeing them get so excited when they open their gifts.

We were hiding in the basement while Santa dropped off all the presents. Isabelle does not like him and covered her eyes in fear.

Uncle Big Tom was the only one who was able to put Casey asleep amid all the noise in the house.

She sure likes to be the center of attention!

Isabelle spent most of the evening in Kristen's lap.

Uncle Jerry playing with Grahm.

Family pictures sure are getting fun to do! Notice the hint of sarcasm there? At least none of the kids are crying in the picture.

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