A Cutting We Will Go

We Chris just got done cutting down our Christmas tree. It's beautiful! It was downright chilly this afternoon, but everyone still had fun. Isabelle had the most fun I think as she was very talkative the whole time. She even told the guy when we got back that we got a big tree. She never talks to people she doesn't know very well! I was shocked when I heard her.

Here we all are, about to head out on our adventure. In the cold. In the wind. In the Arctic. Okay, well maybe not that last part.

This arrangement lasted for about 3 minutes.

Isabelle enjoyed pulling the sled for Grahm.

Isabelle kept pointing out all the little trees and wanting to get them. She must have Charlie Brown's heart. This one is actually one of the bigger ones that she wanted. You should've seen the puny ones that she thought were "perfect".

Hi, Grahm!

I carried Casey most of the time since he had a close run-in with the snow. He's alright, don't worry. It was all on the left side of his body, which was covered with his snowsuit. (Sorry for the bad picture...I took this while walking and my hands were freezing to change the setting)

Way to go, Daddy!

Chris is going to put the lights on it tonight, and then the kids and I will decorate it. I'm hoping to get a nice picture of the kids in front of the tree tonight for our Christmas cards. I am really behind this year on getting that done! I was reminded of that when we received a Christmas card from our old neighbors yesterday. They have three children as well, and they both work...so I really have no excuse! If she can get them done, I should be able to as well!


This morning we took the kids to church for its annual breakfast with Santa. Grahm and Isabelle each made a Christmas card, while Casey got his picture taken with Santa. He was the only willing participant. Isabelle told me as she was getting dressed this morning that she didn't want to sit on Santa's lap. And Grahm, no matter who was holding him, did not want to even get close to Santa. So, I guess that is that!


I forgot to mention yesterday that Isabelle got her cavity filled. I was awake at 5 a.m. yesterday, unable to sleep because I had a huge knot in my stomach thinking about her upcoming appointment. I kept going back in forth in my mind if I should mention anything about pain. I was afraid if I told her to say something if it hurts, she would say it hurts even if it really doesn't. And then I was wondering if I should even tell her that it might hurt.

When we got to the dentist office, I didn't say anything except that she has a cavity and they have to fill it. The dentist and his assistant were wonderful with her! Isabelle sat up in the chair all by herself this time, and the assistant showed her all the instruments that they would use and even let her touch them while they waited. When the dentist came in, he was so gentle and very caring with her. Each time he would do something, he would tell her ahead of time what he was going to do. He squirted out some of the filling for her to see what was going in her mouth, ran the drill on his finger, etc. He didn't give her anything laughing gas or a shot or anything! Although he did say that if she ended up needing it, he would give her a numbing shot. She was such a trooper though! She didn't flinch at all. I kept waiting for her arm to go flying up when it hurt, but she sat there as calm as can be. And when it was all over, she was her sweet little self again. You wouldn't have even known she just had her cavity filled!


On a completely different subjet, a couple weeks ago Tina called and said that Grace was adopted. Her mother-in-law was wanting a cat, and she chose Grace! I am so happy that she found a home.

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