O, Christmas Tree

I don't believe that I ever posted pictures of our decorated Christmas tree. Chris did the majority of it. He put up the lights and the kids and I handed him the ornaments. Although, Isabelle can't just not touch something, so a lot of the ornaments have been moved around. And no, the one-finger rule doesn't work either. We have a couple bare spots on our tree and a few clusters of ornaments in other spots. I think she just sees these ornaments that look like toys and wants to play with them.

So, here is the tree. Yes, we went with the slightly smaller but still big retro lights for the tree as well. What can I say, we like them!

We still don't have a tree topper, so this year I thought Grahm and Isabelle could make one. I cut the angel out and had the kids color her. Isabelle did her head and body, while Grahm was in charge of coloring her wings. I think they did a pretty nice job.

My Grandma had made us this tree skirt a few years ago. Chris and I are waiting to put all the presents on it until Christmas Eve when all the kids are asleep in bed.

It looks like Isabelle thought it was too bare so she put her stuffed animal under the tree.

Now wait a second! Her stuffed puppy is white. Where on earth did she get this one?!

Could it be a real-live puppy? You betcha! We all took the (3-hour round trip) drive down to get her this afternoon. She's a miniature schnauzer that we named Noel. What do you think?

She really seemed to like the snowman that was hanging down in front of her face.

As I was closing Isabelle's door tonight, she told me "Thank you for getting me the puppy." Noel is really for the whole family, including Elly. We thought she really needed a play mate. And also, Chris has off the next two weeks, so we thought "What better time to get a puppy!" I was really against a schnauzer since I had one growing up that I still miss, but as soon as Chris told me that he found one, I all of a sudden wanted one really bad. When that one didn't pan out, we tried another one that was all sold out. So, we just left it at that. And then Chris was looking last night and someone had just posted about 4 females, so Chris called, I emailed, and we went today to get her. I think she will be a great addition to the family.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you remember my dog Hailey, but she was originally Noel. She was a bit of a naughty puppy and we thought the constant No Noel was confusing her, so after a few days she got a name change....hence, Hailey Noel. I hope you don't have the naughty puppy problem!

Anonymous said...

Congtrats on little Noel! She is absolutely adorable--but then you know we're a little partial to Schnauzers! Your tree looks so pretty and the puppy just completed the look! Hope the crate worked(s)! ~~Barb

MerrandaVK said...

You stinker!!!! You got one.. Well, I must admit she's a cutie :) I am so happy for you guys - how fun. What a great and memorable Christmas for you.

(I don't think we'll be getting one :( )