On this day...

5 years ago, Chris and I became husband and wife. The time has gone by way too fast. We've made a lot of good memories though: Elly eating all of our Christmas presents, our kitchen pipes freezing on us, selling and buying a house, duck hunting together, going to Dave Matthews Band concerts, going to a Packers/Broncos football game the day after our wedding (seriously), going to Hawaii for our honeymoon, staying up way too late playing Everquest, and also our three beautiful children. These are just some of the memories as there are many more, of course.

*These are all pictures of pictures. Digital cameras weren't very popular five years ago. Man, makes me feel old now knowing that our wedding pictures were taken using film. Wow. How times change!*

And there we were! What an exciting day.

Chris and I with our wedding group.

This is my favorite picture of us.

I want you to notice the lack of snow in this picture. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was not to have any snow on my wedding day. I was getting married in December, so I was kind of expecting some snow. A dusting would've been nice! I guess this is the equivalent of a spring outdoor wedding getting rained on. Oh well. It was still a great day!

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