Snow Day!

Well, it was a snow day for kids who go to school. For us, it was just a very snowy day. We got dumped with a whole bunch of snow late last night and early this morning. Poor Chris was up at 5:30 this morning shoveling before he went to work. He definitely got the brunt of it!

While Casey was taking his morning nap, I took Isabelle and Grahm to play outside while I shoveled up the snow that had fallen since Chris left for work. It was only about another inch or so, but the end of the driveway was a beast! My neighbor across the street was kind enough to help me with part of it. She had already helped two other neighbors, so I'm very thankful for the help she provided.

Grahm and Isabelle really enjoyed themselves outside. They love the snow! They both enjoyed getting the big chunks of snow that the snowplow dragged into our driveway and carrying them around to various parts of the yard. Grahm's kept crumbling apart, so he'd keep having to get "a'er one". He is quite the little shadow to Isabelle. Whatever she is doing, he is right behind her. Isabelle was walking on the driveway and tripped and said she hurt her elbow. Not 10 seconds later, Grahm fell down (completely on purpose) and said "elbow". I swear, whatever Belle does, Grahm copies her.

Mimi (Chris' mom) came over and dropped off some candy cane cookies (of which only two are left) and took Grahm and Belle sledding. As far as I know, she walked them along in the sled on the road because I have no idea what hill she could've taken them on. But either way, I know the kids had fun! And as soon as they got back, Isabelle requested hot cocoa. This was Grahm's first time drinking it, and he got out every last drop. He rarely gets chocolate, so he didn't want to waste it!

This little guy, despite playing outside for a few hours today, did not take his afternoon nap. By dinnertime, his eyes were red and he had bags under his eyes. Needless to say, he went down quite well for bedtime!

I didn't want to forget about Casey! Even though I don't think he had quite as much fun today as his older siblings, he still seemed pretty happy.

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