A turtle, a puppy, and no water

Tonight, I got the privilege of rocking this little guy to sleep:

At 21 months, he's still my little baby boy. Just a little bigger than the littlest baby boy in the house. It was so peaceful rocking him in the dark with the glow of his turtle lighting the ceiling. He is such a sweetheart.


Last week (wow, the past week went by quick!) I made some homemade dog treats for Elly and the dogs at our local dog shelter. While the treats were baking in the oven, I turned the light on to see how they looked. They looked like sugar cookies! However, when I opened up the oven door to pull them out, boy, the smell sure took the cookie image out of my head! They definitely smelled of dog biscuits, no question about it. I could eat them since everything in them is edible, but there is no way I would ever want to!

I invited my friend Merranda and her daughter to go with us to the shelter since they like dogs and are wanting to get one. Who knows?! We were greeted at the door by this little 6-month old cutie, Noodles:

I really wanted to get her, but Chris eventually talked me out of it.

This little puppy was Grahm's favorite:

Well, I'm going to assume that since this was the cage he stayed at for more than 20 seconds. That child was all over the place! I think it was dog overload for him and he didn't know which one to spend his time with.

The girls enjoyed handing out the treats to the dogs. One dog had over half a dozen cookies in his kennel. I bet he was happy! The dog Isabelle most liked was the biggest one they had. I can't remember what it was, but it was massive! She kept telling me she wanted to get it. Sorry, honey, but no.


This morning our hot water froze in our kitchen sink. At 6 this morning, the temperature was -21 with wind chill. It was colder than that last night, so it's no surprise that the hot water froze. At least this time it wasn't the hot and cold that froze! We are still waiting for the hot water to come streaming out of the faucet, but with another wind-chill advisory in affect for tonight, I don't think that's going to happen.


Now, I know there was more I wanted to blog about, but last week went by so fast that I can't even remember what I did! If I hadn't taken pictures of the dog shelter, I probably would've forgotten about that too. Ah, oh well! I know I will have more to blog about later this week. Until then, stay warm! I know we're going to try!

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MerrandaVK said...

Hey - just catching up on your blog. We sure had fun going to the kennel with you guys. I am still trying to talk Evan into the puppy. Oh and I got Rhys that Turtle nightlight for Christmas!! Hope he likes it too.