What has been going on here the past seven days....

Isabelle, Ethny, and Grahm really seemed to enjoy decorating cookies. And I must say, Isabelle and Ethny were fantastic around each other that day! Normally, they are quiet around each other, but that day they started talking to each other right away and even played together! I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was!

Grahm's first decorated cookie done all by himself. I can't believe some frosting actually made it onto the cookie!


Every Thanksgiving morning, my mother-in-law's side of the family goes bowling. We took up 5 (maybe 6) lanes, and some people didn't even bowl! It was a fun time, and a good tradition.

Kristen, our babysitter for most of the time at the bowling alley :)

Grahm really enjoyed the bowling ball ramp

You should've seen how slow Isabelle's balls were going before we got the ramp out.

Chris taking a turn at bowling.

Alexis, Isabelle, and Grahm

Even Matheus, the foreign exchange student, held Casey!

Mimi and Grampi's four grandchildren.

Oops, forgot to get Casey in that first one!


My mom and Mark came into town for Thanksgiving and Casey's baptism. They spent Thanksgiving with Mark's family, but the next day my mom and I, along with the three kids since Chris was out deer hunting, went out to do some Black Friday shopping. We went around 10, and it was still really hectic. Yuck. But, my mom got the kids their Christmas presents, and they had a fun time picking them out.

I had gotten a turkey to have another Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and Mark, and apparently I got a pretty big one. It was about 25 pounds, which I seriously thought was going to be just perfect. Those 10 and 11 pound turkeys looked so puney! So now everyone is getting a good laugh out of my big turkey. Chris already made a wild rice casserole tonight for dinner with the leftovers though, which we got the recipe from Merranda. It was very good! Now, what to make with the rest?

MorMor and her two grandsons. In a few weeks, she'll have three! And no, it's not me this time (shocking, I know). My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby. I'm so excited!

One of my favorite pictures of Grahm.

Casey giving big smiles.

Isabelle playing with her new Christmas toys.

Grahm had gotten a pair of Isabelle's pj's out and tried putting them on. After he had gone to bed for a nap, Isabelle then got more clothes out and organized them on the floor. At least everything matched!


Casey was baptized on the 29th. He was great through church and through most of his baptism. He just got fussy near the end.

Our happy, little family

Casey's Godfather, John

Casey's Godmother, Lauren

Grahm sneaking into the picture

Isabelle put Casey's new baptism gifts into his sleeping arms.

Yes, I realize it's a birthday cake. But it was the only cake that was reasonable for a baptism because I didn't want flowers on it.

"Show me how the piggy eats." :) If you've ever watched A Christmas Story, you'll know what I mean.

Isabelle took this picture of Uncle Tom. Not bad for a 3-year old, huh?

Isabelle and her cousin Macy. She sure enjoyed hanging out with her! The next day, I caught Isabelle calling Grahm's Elmo plush "Elmo Macy". :)

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