3's a Crowd

Well, in a bathtub it is. Although, once Casey can sit up on his own, we won't need the bath sling for him anymore, so that will free up some space. But then, he'll be bigger. And mobile. And then we'll have three kids splashing water all over the place. Fun, fun! No, really, it is! For me anyway because I rarely give the kids their bath. Chris does it 99% of the time.


We were over at Chris' grandparent's house last night and their dog peed on the floor. Isabelle, with a straight face not trying to be funny at all, said "Frosty pees in the house." Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was pretty funny.


Speaking of Frosty, that poor dog's ears stick straight up. Both of them now. *sigh*

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