Spring is almost here...

Well, maybe not for another month or so, but it sure feels like it's coming! When we were in the negative temperatures for a high around here a few weeks ago, we are now hitting the 40's for a high and it just smells like spring! The snow on the ground is melting and we are getting rain instead of snow right now. Of course, this will not last as by this weekend it will be back down to the 20's and a possibility for snow. I'm happy for this warm change though, however short it may be.

With the warm(er) weather here, the two older kids got to enjoy the hot tub at Mimi and Grampi's house. I stayed inside with Casey since I only enjoy going in the hot tub when it's 70+ degrees outside. Kind of defeats the purpose of a hot tub, I know. But Chris and his mom gladly took my spot.

Gary was finishing up dinner that he and Peggy had been working on earlier. (Sorry for the bad shot. I was trying to be discrete as possible so he wouldn't catch on that I was taking his picture. Not until I got home to look at the picture did I realize that there was a reflection off their counter top. If only my counter tops shined like that!)

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