Well, yesterday after dinner, Chris put together my old twin bed for Isabelle. She was (and still is) so excited to be moving out of her toddler bed. Chris and I told her to sleep next to the wall so she doesn't fall out of bed, and she told me when she woke up that she slept next to the wall. Hopefully she'll keep it up because I'd hate to see her fall out of bed. In a toddler bed it's no big deal since it's so low to the ground, but a twin bed is gigantic compared to it.

Chris ended up having to move all of Isabelle's furniture around because the twin bed wasn't going to fit where her toddler bed was. He was so great about it and didn't complain once. Even when the kids kept going in and out of the room bugging him. In an attempt to help him, I gave the kids a bath while Casey observed from his bouncy seat. I don't know who had it harder: sitting there watching two kids take a bath or rearranging furniture, taking it apart, and putting it together. *grin*

When he was done with Belle's room, Chris then moved on to Grahm's room. He put the toddler bed in there because Grahm will be using that (although he has proven difficult with it so far today) and then Casey will use the crib when Grahm finally moves out of it. So, it will soon become Grahm and Casey's room. I cannot tell you how cramped it is in there right now. We have a crib, toddler bed, changing table, dresser, and a rocking chair. It's quite cozy, to say the least! It wouldn't be so bad if the rocking chair wasn't in there, but we really like it. It's a good reading spot when putting Grahm down for bed.

Grahm is excited about his big boy bed, but he just doesn't get to stay in it. He kept getting out tonight, and I'd keep taking him back in his room and tucking him in. He was in there for about 5 minutes by himself at one point and I thought we were making progress, but no such luck. When it got to be 9 pm (Chris and I start putting the kids to bed around 7 and end about 7:30), I gave up and just put him in the crib since he needs his sleep. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have better luck.

Belle and Elly, her nightmare watch dog.

So excited for her first night in her big big girl bed.

Her toddler bed used to be where her (used to be mine) dresser is.

She really loves being able to crawl to the end of the bed and look out the window and play there with her toys. Belle's aunt Laurie made the quilt on her bed. I was so excited to finally be able to use it now that Belle is in a bigger bed. I was worried Belle would only like her usual blanket, but when I asked if we could put the quilt that her aunt Laurie made, she smiled and said "Sure!". So thanks, Laurie...it's a hit!

Where Grahm is currently sleeping.

The bed where Grahm is supposed to sleep.

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Hilary said...

Oh my goodness, I totally remember your bed from our childhood days! I remember sitting on it together talking. I remember sitting next to it on the floor worried we were going to get in such big trouble for meeting boys at the movies.
Ah, memories!
So awesome that you get to pass it down to your daughter :)