Two Birthdays and a Funeral

On Monday, Chris' grandpa on his mother's side ("Bompa" as he was known to the family) passed away. The funeral for him was held today, which is also Grahm's 2nd birthday and Casey's 6-month birthday. So, it was a tearful and happy day today. There were some laughs during the funeral though, as it should be a joyous occasion when someone goes to Heaven and you remember all the good things about that person.

This is my favorite picture of Bompa and Grahm taken almost a year ago.


We're having a very small party for Grahm tomorrow. And since throwing my back out yet again earlier this week, that's probably all I can handle. I am looking forward to going to the doctor on Monday because if he doesn't know what's wrong with me, I'm hoping he'll have me go to the physical therapist so they can examine me. The first time I went, they couldn't determine what exactly was wrong since I was pregnant. Thankfully the pain hasn't gotten worse, but it's not really getting much better either.

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Hilary said...

Oh, I am so sorry about Chris' grandpa :( I hope you all are doing well and glad to hear the funeral was a good time to laugh and remember.
I am also so sorry about your back! I hate back problems. I pray it gets figured out really soon!

Happy 2nd birthday Grahm!
Happy 6 months Casey!