MISH MASH (rhymes with splish splash)

How do you teach a toddler about rhyming? We have two books, but they don't explain anything about it. They say 'let's rhyme' and then proceed with 'cat. bat', etc. I try to explain how rhyming works, but it's hard! I mean, the words sound the same, but they're different. It's very confusing!


After many agonizing months, Chris and I finally came to a decision on where to send Isabelle to preschool. It's a harder decision than you would think! We're going to send her to the local Catholic school. I was just really impressed and felt comfortable after the meeting for parents a couple weeks ago. Also, the teacher incorporates some Montessori type things in the classroom, which is what I really like since the local Montessori school was the other option. The one thing that will be hard for me is letting her go all day. Unlike most preschools that only last half a day, this one goes all day from 8-3. I'm excited to hear about all the new things she learns.


Chris got Grahm these GI Joe Mighty Muggs for his birthday. Actually, Chris originally got him the 3-inch tall GI Joe action figures and took them back after he got to open them on his birthday. Good thing Grahm only saw them for a brief moment and didn't grow attached to them! After seeing how small the pieces were, Chris decided against them. He saw these at Target and I think they are the coolest thing! I just love how bubbly they look. Grahm really loves them and calls them Pan-Pan (for Panda...short for Kung-fu Panda, one of his favorite movies). The white one kind of looks like a panda, so I can see why he says that. He sure enjoys having them fight each other. Sometimes Chris even gets in on the action and they play together. He was so escited to show them to Grahm after he bought them.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever watch Word World on PBS Kids? They had a good one on rhyming words last week. The kids and I enjoy that show, it's actually taught Walker how to spell a lot of words. Keep posting those pictures!

Sara said...

When will Isabelle start preschool? Will she go this summer? I can't belive that she is that old allready, craziness!