See Jane Run Casey Roll

While Casey has been rolling over for a while now, he is getting quite speedy at it lately. Well, when he wants to be, that is.

Down he goes...

And then back up again!

All that rolling can be tiring on a little guy! His arm starts to slide down...

and there goes his head.


Way back in the day before I had kids of my own, I used to get so grossed out by their baby food and drool. Even if it barely touched me, I had to go wipe it off immediately. When Isabelle was born, I was still a little stand-offish with these things, but definitely not quite so bad where I would go running for a towel to wipe off with. Now, it doesn't bother me a bit. My clothes stay dirty with baby food until I wash them. I don't have time to clean my shirts in-between washes anymore. And a burp rag for spit-up or drool? I just use my shirt sleeve since it's more convenient (and most likely dirty already with baby food). Of course, when it warms up and I start wearing short sleeves, this may pose a problem. When that happens, maybe I'll just take pictures of the drool instead.

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