Welcome, Spring!

Spring is here! Yeah! I know I am late in saying this, but today it actually feels like it. Now hopefully it will stay like this and get warmer instead of colder.


While both Isabelle and Grahm got haircuts from Mimi last week, Belle's is by far the most noticeable. While Chris was out of the room, I asked his mom to cut Isabelle's hair up to her shoulders. Thankfully, he liked it when he saw it. And I am absolutely loving her new haircut. I think she looks so cute with it this length.


I can only wish I was this flexible again. With my back the way it is, I'm lucky if I can bend over and touch my shins! All the way down to my toes? Ha! Yeah, right!


Grahm does not take naps now that he's in his toddler bed. Per a friend's suggestion, we tried a baby gate to keep him confined to his room. That didn't work because he climbed right over it. So, we still read a book to him and rock him and lay him down in his bed, but he just comes right back out of his room. But I guess if he's tired enough, he'll lay anywhere.


We bought a new Kia van a couple weeks ago. We traded in our Honda Pilot for it. It was kind of neat being given a check from the dealership since our Pilot was worth more than the van. I bet that doesn't happen too often! We both weren't too excited to be trading in our SUV for a minivan, we have both come to accept it and actually enjoy it. We bought the model that has the DVD entertainment system in it, which is great! No more fussy car rides that are too long for the kids. Just pop in Frosty the Snowman (yes, we are still watching that) and they are all happy as can be. And Chris and I are happy because the van is nice and quiet. While we loved the Honda, it just wasn't cutting it for space like we thought it would. It was getting way too cramped. Their little legs have space in front of them now, instead of always touching the seat in front of them. And as the grocery shopper in the family, I love how the trunk dips down in the back so the groceries fit in quite nicely down in it. Unlike whenever I opened the trunk of the SUV and the items would all come falling out of the bags, everything stays in place in the van. One of the little perks that I enjoy.


Sara said...

I love that picture of Casey bending over, too cute! Congrat's on your new van. That is great news that you actually made money on the deal, can't beat that. I hope your weather stays nice for all of you. Tell Chris I said "hi" and we will see you at Natalie's wedding.

MerrandaVK said...

I have been away from blogs way too long. Cute page, and I totally heart Belle's hair!