Sunshine On My Shoulder

Today was so nice that I actually ventured outside with the kiddos. Although we did stick around the yard since Casey was taking his nap. I got a whole bunch of yard work done while Belle and Grahm got to play in the sandbox and run around. Isabelle found a softball in our shed that Grahm didn't like sharing when he got his hands on it. He spent most of his time just kicking it.

After a while, Isabelle must've got bored and decided to go inside. I was completely shocked because I thought for sure this girl would live outside if she could. To voluntarily go inside is unheard of for her.

And this little guy got to spend some time after dinner outside. He likes to chew on anything he can get his chubby hands on, and tonight it was the camera strap (which explains the super close up shot of him).

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