My Monthly Post (or so it seems lately)

My brother came for a visit last week to spend some time with the kids. Isabelle sure loves him! She climbs (literally) all over him when he sits down for even a minute. It was so nice having him here and I know the kiddos loved having him around to play with. He was quite the sport and chased them around the house a lot. Other times, he would just lay on the floor and play with Casey.

Isabelle must get her smile from her uncle. It looks pretty similar!

My brother got quite a kick out of Casey "posing".

We went and visited our aunt and uncle, as well as our cousin and her new little guy (who just turned a month old). I love his furrowed eyebrows in this picture. He was asleep for most of our visit, but I'm glad he woke up for a little bit so I could actually see him.


One of my husband's co-workers, Sherie, makes excellent salsa and we were given a jar last week. My brother said that Chevy's (I think) makes the best salsa, but we never let him try out Sherie's salsa to prove him wrong. I had meant to buy a bag of chips before he left, but I kept forgetting. I think subconsciously I kept forgetting on purpose so I wouldn't have to share the salsa. Seriously, it's that good. It doesn't last long in our house when we are given a jar! Grahm just might be Sherie's biggest fan of the salsa. He loves the stuff!

He just sucks it off the chip and scoops up some more with his soggy chip.

When he is unable to pick up the last of the salsa with a chip, he just resorts to using his fingers. He apparently really likes the salsa!


Today is Casey's 9-month birthday (wow!). He can sit up from laying down, has two teeth, and loves his older brother and sister. He can kind of do an army crawl, so he's getting closer to crawling every day.

There are the teeth! I have a picture of them, at last!

Oh, the flap. *sigh* The wind was awful outside today, so that didn't help the situation any.

He hates the grass. Absolutely hates it. As soon as his skin touches it, his happy mood immediately disappears.


Hilary said...

It's good to hear from you and see some great pics!! You're a mom of 3...you have your hands full, so a monthly post is accepted....for now :)
So glad your brother got to come and visit! And it was cool to see your cousin's baby!
Happy 9 month birthday, Casey!

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