The coolest idea ever!

Wow. It's about time. I was on Amazon tonight and came across this: Frustration-free packaging. After looking at their FAQs, it sounds so great! Finally, someone is packaging toys (and other products) without the annoying wire strings, hard plastic outer casing, and other miscellaneous junk that keeps toys securely fastened in a box. Talk about a time (and headache) saver! Yeah for Amazon!


Updated (again) to add: Stellan will be airlifted to Boston soon, hopefully. And while I'm at it, could you also please keep Chris' family in your thoughts as well? They found out over the weekend that his grandma on his mother's side has cancer on her spine. Man, it has been a bad weekend.

Updated to add: Here's her twitter account that she updates often if you want to get more up to date information.

Holding the kids a little closer today after reading about this. I've known "Mckmama" since I was in 1st grade (I'm best friends with her sister, Hilary), so this situation has been very near and dear to my heart since it started over a year ago. Please keep them in your thoughts today.


Just Running in the Rain

Our poor cribs. Our kids love to gnaw on their cribs when they're teething, as seen here by the aftermath of the destruction. And it's not just in that spot...it's all around the crib. Now, Grahm's crib doesn't look so bad because it's a lighter color. But Casey's crib (which used to be Belle's crib)...now that's noticeable! Isabelle chewed on her crib like she was starving, so I have no clue which teeth marks are Casey's and which are Belle's. I have caught him chewing on the railing though, so I know he's done it. *sigh*


Today we had a little rain shower. It thundered every once in a while, but there was no lightning or a downpour. Since it was a nice drizzle, I asked the kiddos if they wanted to play in the rain while Casey took a nap. I didn't have to ask them twice! They spent a good 30 minutes racing each other from the front steps to the curb. Oh, to be young and have so much energy! And yes, I know Grahm is wearing pink rain boots. He didn't want to go barefoot after a while, and his boots are too small for him. But to make up for not getting him any rain boots, Chris and I did splurge and buy him some really cool Transformer Bumblebee shoes from Target. So, it all evens out...right?

I, on the other hand, just sat on the step and took pictures. This was the most wet I got today:


More Than Meets the Eye

Here's a cute video of the kids dancing to the Transformers Animated theme song (or Transfarmers as Isabelle has always called them). Well, Chris and I think it's cute and get a kick out of it when they do this everytime the show is on.

The kids really like the Transformers Animated t.v. show. Well, Grahm really likes it (he actually loves Max and Ruby more), but Isabelle loves Transformers Animated, no doubt about it. And ever since she saw Arcee on it, she loves it even more. Grahm does have a couple favorite characters, alternating between Bumblebee and Bulkhead on any given day.

Chris found out that they were releasing Arcee as a toy this year and told her that she would get it when it came out this spring. Well, after not seeing it in stores anywhere past the original release date, we checked and found out they canceled her! We kept it a secret from her because neither Chris nor I wanted to be the one to tell Isabelle that the toy she so desperately wanted and was promised to her she wasn't going to get. She sure is pretty with the sparkly paint. What little girl wouldn't want her?

But after doing some searching this weekend, it looks like they are finally going to release Arcee (yea!), although it may not be until next year. Better late than never though! I'm hoping that she will be one of the first new ones they release. It would be great to have her for Belle's birthday in a couple weeks. I looked on K-mart's website and they list Arcee as out of stock and the local K-mart by us doesn't have her either. So I don't know if that means she's really out of stock or they just haven't made her yet, as there is no image for her on the website.

I wish that Hasbro would make some Animated t-shirts for little girls. I don't know why they get left out in the cold, especially since there are a couple female characters in the show. All the Transformers Animated shirts I have seen are for boys, except for this one of Arcee. Too bad it's a little big for her. I told Chris she could always wear it as a nightshirt!


Meet Teddy and Greta

Teddy the Sprinkler, or Ted for short, is Isabelle and Grahm's new buddy. Ted is a girl, for those of you that were wondering. Ted used to be a sprinkler, but now leads a very fulfilling life. She is always getting dragged around by either Belle or Grahm when they are outside in the sandbox, on the slide, laying on the deck, playing in the pool, and even gets to "run" through the sprinkler with them. Isabelle likes to dance with her and play with her "hair". Quite the imagination they have. I can't help but smile when they play with Ted. But of course, I suppose it's no different than a stuffed animal or doll. Still cute though.


And Greta* is Cory and Angie's newest addition, a little miniature schnauzer puppy. She is quite a playful little thing and is very friendly, not to mention cute!

Casey got to spend most of the time on his Aunt Barb's lap.

*I think her name is Greta, if I remember correctly. Angie, if I'm wrong, let me know!


Gone are the days when I had to always worry about Casey's hair getting messed up for pictures.

"The flap" is gone! Why we didn't cut it sooner, I don't know.

Our 4th of July

Since I am a week late in getting this post out, I thought I'd just add the pictures and let them speak for themselves (with minimal captions). I took a ton of pictures and narrowed them down to just a couple (dozen) or so. It was a busy week with a lot of time spent outdoors and Grahm fishing as much as he can.

The only toy of Elly's that she hasn't chewed up...and is clearly her favorite.

Playing a little frisbee

Casey's first treat

The one and only picture I am in...proof I was actually there!

Lexie's 7th(!) birthday party

Elly waiting for some food to fall. She already got some of the bun, now she's just waiting for the meat! After looking at this mess, it makes me so happy that Belle only ever wants chicken nuggets (with no sauce).


Slim Pickin'

Our raspberry bushes are finally starting to grow raspberries! We only have two red ones so far, but about a dozen or so others that will be sprouting their color in a couple weeks or so. While I so wanted to pick that ripe one, I chose to wait until the whole family can have one (or maybe two if we're lucky). It was so cute because Isabelle always looks at the bushes when she's outside playing. I saw her walking by them and then backtracked and took a closer look at one of them. Suddenly, she comes running towards me yelling that there is a red one on the bush. Glad to see I'm not the only one who got so excited about a single raspberry.

You know, it's bad enough that Isabelle dresses Grahm up in her dresses and nightgowns, but does she have to go around making him wear her pink underwear on his head??? Oh, the poor boy.