Meet Teddy and Greta

Teddy the Sprinkler, or Ted for short, is Isabelle and Grahm's new buddy. Ted is a girl, for those of you that were wondering. Ted used to be a sprinkler, but now leads a very fulfilling life. She is always getting dragged around by either Belle or Grahm when they are outside in the sandbox, on the slide, laying on the deck, playing in the pool, and even gets to "run" through the sprinkler with them. Isabelle likes to dance with her and play with her "hair". Quite the imagination they have. I can't help but smile when they play with Ted. But of course, I suppose it's no different than a stuffed animal or doll. Still cute though.


And Greta* is Cory and Angie's newest addition, a little miniature schnauzer puppy. She is quite a playful little thing and is very friendly, not to mention cute!

Casey got to spend most of the time on his Aunt Barb's lap.

*I think her name is Greta, if I remember correctly. Angie, if I'm wrong, let me know!


Gone are the days when I had to always worry about Casey's hair getting messed up for pictures.

"The flap" is gone! Why we didn't cut it sooner, I don't know.


icefairy said...

Your baby is so adorable! Thanks a lot for stopping by my site and commenting.

Angela said...

LOL! My baby has a "flap" too! I love it. :)