More Than Meets the Eye

Here's a cute video of the kids dancing to the Transformers Animated theme song (or Transfarmers as Isabelle has always called them). Well, Chris and I think it's cute and get a kick out of it when they do this everytime the show is on.

The kids really like the Transformers Animated t.v. show. Well, Grahm really likes it (he actually loves Max and Ruby more), but Isabelle loves Transformers Animated, no doubt about it. And ever since she saw Arcee on it, she loves it even more. Grahm does have a couple favorite characters, alternating between Bumblebee and Bulkhead on any given day.

Chris found out that they were releasing Arcee as a toy this year and told her that she would get it when it came out this spring. Well, after not seeing it in stores anywhere past the original release date, we checked and found out they canceled her! We kept it a secret from her because neither Chris nor I wanted to be the one to tell Isabelle that the toy she so desperately wanted and was promised to her she wasn't going to get. She sure is pretty with the sparkly paint. What little girl wouldn't want her?

But after doing some searching this weekend, it looks like they are finally going to release Arcee (yea!), although it may not be until next year. Better late than never though! I'm hoping that she will be one of the first new ones they release. It would be great to have her for Belle's birthday in a couple weeks. I looked on K-mart's website and they list Arcee as out of stock and the local K-mart by us doesn't have her either. So I don't know if that means she's really out of stock or they just haven't made her yet, as there is no image for her on the website.

I wish that Hasbro would make some Animated t-shirts for little girls. I don't know why they get left out in the cold, especially since there are a couple female characters in the show. All the Transformers Animated shirts I have seen are for boys, except for this one of Arcee. Too bad it's a little big for her. I told Chris she could always wear it as a nightshirt!

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