Our 4th of July

Since I am a week late in getting this post out, I thought I'd just add the pictures and let them speak for themselves (with minimal captions). I took a ton of pictures and narrowed them down to just a couple (dozen) or so. It was a busy week with a lot of time spent outdoors and Grahm fishing as much as he can.

The only toy of Elly's that she hasn't chewed up...and is clearly her favorite.

Playing a little frisbee

Casey's first treat

The one and only picture I am in...proof I was actually there!

Lexie's 7th(!) birthday party

Elly waiting for some food to fall. She already got some of the bun, now she's just waiting for the meat! After looking at this mess, it makes me so happy that Belle only ever wants chicken nuggets (with no sauce).

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