Any suggestions?

So, Chris' co-worker that makes the most amazing salsa in the world and gives us jars of it quite frequently, also gives us other items from her garden. (She is so nice!) Well, she gave Chris some potatoes the other day and I'm having a hard time thinking of something to make with them besides mashed potatoes and boy scout potatoes. If anyone has any good potato recipes, please let me know! It just can't be potato salad...I hate potato salad.


justlori2day said...

Are they red? Or white? Large or small?

This can be done with any shape/size/color, but is best with baby reds, and its so easy!

Two ways to make it - both super easy:

1. Cut up potatoes into chunks (the smaller they are the faster they will bake) between 1-1/2 - 3".

2. Place in glass baking dish sprayed with non stick spray

3. Toss in Extra Virgin Olive oil to generously coat the potatoes but not leave a coating in the dish

3. Add a several tablespoons of fresh garlic (less if you dont love garlic)

4. Toss in fresh or dried rosemary chopped small (I like a lot, some people don't like the power of flavor so they use less)

5. Grind or sprinkle sea salt over all and mix well

Bake until golden brown. I like them with sour cream and chives. Not low fat!

The easier version... Lipton Soup makes a "Garlic and Herb" packet that is AMAZING, you prep the potatoes the same way, and follow the directions on the packet! If it isnt on your package, I mix the packet with EVOO to coat the potatoes.

Again, these are amazing!!!

(btw, finding you from Hilary!)

Candy Yum Yum said...

Hi Angela,
You were picked as one of the Reese's winners in my giveaway. Can you send me your address? Thanks! Send it to: Candyyumyummail@yahoo.com


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

That recipe above can be done on the grill too wrapped in foil, just cut the pieces so they are more like you wold cut a cucumber up for a salad, thinner and in half or quarters.

I don't really know what boy scout potatos are...so maybe that is the same thing.

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

I have the perfect idea for you! I just did these last week with some fresh potatoes and green beans from our farmer's market.