birthday number 4

Our baby girl turned four yesterday. And in just another month, she'll be starting preschool. It's hard to believe she's old enough to be in school already. She is getting so excited for it though. We had a small and laid back party because Chris' grandma (Little Mimi) had a funeral yesterday as well. Everyone was in a mellow mood and I was in no shape to handle a party anyway. Isabelle did get her presents and cake, so she was plenty happy. But I just feel bad that I wasn't able to be at the funeral (due to my back issues) because Mimi was a wonderful woman with a very welcoming heart and it would have been nice to hear the ceremony. So while it was a happy day with Belle turning four, it was also a sad day. We've been having too many of those lately, so hopefully we'll only have good days from here on out for quite a while now.

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Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

What a cute looking cake. I'm sorry to hear of your loss...and that your baby is 4! Watching them grow is so bittersweet isn't it?