A little ray of light on a crummy day

Thanks to Andrea over at Momma In Flip Flops and Sunsweet, I was a winner in their giveaway for a free Sunsweet product and a reusable shopping bag. I just got the package today, but due to my back pain, I won't be able to use the coupon yet as I'm unable to go to the store. I'm excited though to try something out. I was planning on getting their new PlumSmart juice (because I don't like prunes), but I've read so many things about kids liking prunes, that I think I may use the free coupon on a package of their bite-size prunes and let them try that. And when I'm not using the bag to go shopping with, it will be perfect for when we got to Chris' parents house to use the hot tub because it will fit all the towels and swimsuits in it and will replace the old tote I've been using. Getting the package in the mail today helped brighten my day a little bit!

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