Open House

Last night was Isabelle's open house for school. We went and got her folder that has some stuff she has to draw for school on Tuesday, paid her milk money, pur her extra pair of clothes and water bottle in her bin, and talked with a couple of Chris' old teachers (yes, Isabelle is going to the same school Chris went to). I don't know who is more excited now: me or Isabelle.

Despite what the picture looks like, Isabelle really is excited to be starting school soon. She was smiling really nice but I hadn't turned the camera on yet, and as soon as I did her smile was gone. And she was a little distracted with people walking around.

It's hard to believe my little baby girl will be starting 4K on Tuesday. She's growing up too quickly! I am so excited to hear all about her first day of school, and every day after too. I thought I would take her to the store with me later today to pick out some fabric for her blanket for rest time so she feels a little more involved, and also so that I know she will like the fabric. I feel like there is so many things that have to get done before Tuesday: make her blanket, buy some food for her lunches (but first figure out what I'm going to make her for her lunches), read and sign some papers and watch some video, and have Isabelle color her worksheets. Sounds like my weekend is going to be busy!

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