Out in the Sun

Yesterday I ventured out to the park with my mom and the kids. I figured since my mom is here, I may as well take advantage of her as much as I can! She's already been doing the laundry, dishes, babysitting, and some cooking...why not have her come to the park as well? She was able to watch Casey while I watched the other two run around. (Now, Casey isn't a hard baby to watch, but with my bad back I'm trying to avoid picking him up as much as possible until I'm better.) It was nice to get out and enjoy the sun and spend some time with the kids. Belle and Grahm have such a fun time together. And Casey is getting better at trying to walk. He was kind of making his way around the park bench. His fear of the grass is probably what has finally pushed his start button to get walking. (That child absolutely cannot stand the grass. It's really quite amusing to see the disgust he has in his face whenever his hands touch the grass.) My mom went to go visit my brother and his family today for a couple days (so Chris' mom is coming over in the mornings to help out with the kids), and then will be back for another day here and then will go back home. It has been so nice having her here to help with everything. Now the normal life will resume where dishes sit in the sink and laundry waits in the dryer until I get around to folding it. And then it waits in the closet until I get around to ironing it. (I should really take a picture of the stack of clothes that need to be ironed...you would be impressed!)

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