Out of commission, yet again

*I'm still kind of out of it, so if this post doesn't make complete sense or I misspell a few words, that is why. Also, I feel nauseous, so I'm writing this with my eyes closed for the most part. Ugh, I hate this.*

For those that don't know, I re-injured my back on July 4th. I have been going to physical therapy the past couple of weeks, which had been helping. But a couple days ago, I was resting on the couch and got up suddenly to get a small toy away from Casey. Ever since then, it has been downhill. Yesterday morning the pain got so bad I could barely walk. I laid down, thinking that would help, but then I was unable to get back up...which is very similar to this time that happened. I was having awful back spasms that wouldn't stop. So, the physical therapist was able to squeeze me in for an earlier appointment that day. They called at 11 to let me know that the appointment was moved to 12:30, and it literally took me that long to get up the floor and to the car. He tried to help alleviate some of the pain, but it wasn't working so he had Chris take me to the ER. There, they gave me a couple doses of Dilaudid (which is 6 times stronger than morphine, if that gives you any indication of the kind of pain I was in). Right now I'm taking Hydrocone (I think), and I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday morning. I'm hoping it's nothing really serious that will require surgery. I'll be laying in bed for the next few days, and my mom is driving over from Virginia to help out while Chris goes back to work. And to top it off, Chris' grandma (Little Mimi) passed away yesterday evening. In a way, it was nice that I was in the ER yesterday so that he could go and see her a few more times (she was just a couple floors up from where I was). I really don't know what I feel worse about right now...my back or the fact that we won't be having any more kids. We were planning on having a fourth baby, but after all the back problems I've been having, that won't be happening now. I cannot even begin to describe how devastated that makes me feel.

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Hilary said...

Oh no :( I'm sooooo sorry Angie! I did not know you had hurt your back again.
I hope your MRI reveals nothing serious tomorrow. I will be praying for you!
I hope you get relief very, very soon!!