Unusual Sighting

On Friday morning, while the fog was finally starting to lift, Elly started barking like mad. After opening the screen door to tell her to be quiet, my eyes glanced out to the open field behind us. I literally had to do a double take at what I saw. There were two sandhill cranes in the field!

I thought it was pretty cool, so grabbed the camera and headed out there. Grahm, being the fearless child he is, wanted so bad to go out there and pet them because he thought they were geese. Isabelle, although she didn't seem scared, was perfectly content to stay in the yard. Seeing as how the cranes were 3 to 4 feet tall, I preferred having the kids keep a distance between themselves and the cranes.

I called Chris all excited and only got a lukewarm response from him. He has seen them when he's out duck hunting, so I suppose it's really no big deal to him. But I was amazed! They came back again this morning though, so I'm curious if they'll show up again anymore.

They sure are pretty!

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