good news, bad news

Good news: Isabelle started preschool last Tuesday!

The bad news: my baby girl started preschool last Tuesday.

The good news: my back was feeling great on Thursday!

The bad news: I re-injured my back and am back to where I started.

The good news: It's a long weekend, so Chris is able to stay an extra day and help me before heading back to work on Tuesday.

The bad news: It's a long weekend, so I'm unable to see any doctors until at least Tuesday.


So, Isabelle started school last Tuesday. By the time dinnertime rolls around, she's pretty crabby, but that is to be expected after a full day of school (and she is not used to that yet). The first day, she liked school and was anxious to go back the next day. But by bedtime, she started crying and saying she didn't want to go to school anymore. By the time she woke up in the morning, she was fine and happy to be going to school. She's enjoying it now and is starting to make some new friends.

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Stephanie said...

She's beautiful! I love the sunlight in her hair and that bright orange polo dress.