Happy Thanksgiving!

Christopher's cousin Lauren took some family pictures for us today.  Surprisingly, she was actually able to get some of all of us looking.  Granted, not everyone was smiling (ahem, Grahm), but still, to get all of the kids to face the same direction for a picture is no easy task!  Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side and was gloomy, windy, and cool, which made for a very short photo shoot.  11 minutes to be exact.  About two minutes in, Belle was complaining of being cold; and for the first 5 minutes, Grahm was distracted by the ducks in the creek behind us.  We'll just have to try again in the summer (if you don't mind, Lauren).  But here is my favorite shot that made me laugh:

I cropped the rest of us out of there because really, no one was looking and I was making some weird face.


fall pictures

Uploading pictures into Blogger is such a pain for me.  If I click on the center button, it won't move to the center all the time, among other things.  It's very annoying.  I've seen people put pictures side by side and have such nice looking layouts, but I could never do it on Blogger without a ton of frustration.  But tonight, I read a blog post that has really helped!

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, back before the high temperatures were only in the 50's, the trees still had leaves, and neighbors didn't have their Christmas lights up already.  I had a lot of them that I liked, but I didn't want them to be one right after another.  I wanted a nicer looking layout.  So tonight, I present to you the fall pictures that no one cooperated for.  Well, at least not all at once.


Day in the Sun

 The boys and I spent yesterday afternoon out in the warm sun.  They ran around for a while, chalked a few lines, played on the swing set, and also ran their fingers through the sandbox.  We took it all in before winter comes.  The few snowflakes we had the other week was a wake up call to take advantage of whatever nice days there are left.  And those days are quickly winding down.  Our neighbor made it perfectly clear that Christmas is right around the corner by putting up his Christmas lights on the other day and lighting them.  And tonight, I saw two other people down the street that had their Christmas lights on.  And yes, the house behind Grahm's picture has their Christmas decorations out front.  I just put our fall decoration up a week or so ago, I'm not taking it down yet!  And besides, all the rest of our decorations are in boxes that are unreachable right now since our basement is a mess with the remodeling.  I'm lucky I was able to reach one of the fall decorations.  At least we look kind of festive.



*edited to add: the two pictures on the bottom are smaller because I couldn't fit them on the page if I made them bigger.  They kept getting chopped off at the side and cutting people off.

On Halloween night, we did our usual run of visitng family members rather than going door-to-door. Our first stop was to Chris' Uncle Bob and Aunt Barb's house. Casey spent most of his time running toddling around the house since every room has two entryways and he went around in a big circle.  He loved it!

Next we went to the great-grandparents house to visit with them as well as Mimi and Grampi (Gary and Peggy), who stopped by their house after church to save us a trip driving over to their house. (Thank you!)  The kids had fun and enjoyed a couple treats while we were there.

Our last stop was to Chris' Uncle Tom and his cousin Lauren's house.  Lauren took the above picture of Belle, Casey, and Tom.  Belle loves Tom's clown nose and gets such a kick out of it every time he wears it.

We had also planned to go visit Chris' Uncle Mark and Aunt Denise, but they had gone out to dinner.  Isabelle was handing out pictures to everyone we stopped to see, so she's holding on to theirs until we see them again.

We were out for two hours just visiting those few houses, but it's a lot of work getting the kids in and out of the carseats.  It's worth it every year though.


Leslie Blodgett's New Perfume Bare Skin Review

Leslie Blodgett just came out with a perfume line called Perfume Diaries. Bare Skin is her first scent in the series, which delivers top notes of black pepper, freesia and anise, heart notes of iris, vanilla orchid, plumeria and patchouli, and the dry down sizzles with sandalwood, labdanum and musk.  According to Leslie, “When I have an experience, I like to have a scent behind it. Bare Skin, which is what Mexico reminds me of, is the way you feel when the sun is beating down on you during the day, but then you go out at night and you’re still sizzling from the warmth of the day which mingles with the night air and the music.”

I was able to try a sample of this scent and I really like it!  When I first opened the mailer it came in, I was a little taken back by the scent.  It was very overpowering, and it wasn't even open!  Wanting to give the perfume a second chance and not judge it by my first initial reaction, I put it on the next morning.  Surprisingly, the scent wasn't overwhelming at all.  Go figure!  And it also lasted all day with only a slight dulling of the scent.

Bare Skin is available exclusively at Sephora. It comes in a spray ($55), a solid perfume ($35), and a body cream ($30).

I was given a free sample of the Bare Skin perfume to post an honest review about it.  All comments are my own.