Day in the Sun

 The boys and I spent yesterday afternoon out in the warm sun.  They ran around for a while, chalked a few lines, played on the swing set, and also ran their fingers through the sandbox.  We took it all in before winter comes.  The few snowflakes we had the other week was a wake up call to take advantage of whatever nice days there are left.  And those days are quickly winding down.  Our neighbor made it perfectly clear that Christmas is right around the corner by putting up his Christmas lights on the other day and lighting them.  And tonight, I saw two other people down the street that had their Christmas lights on.  And yes, the house behind Grahm's picture has their Christmas decorations out front.  I just put our fall decoration up a week or so ago, I'm not taking it down yet!  And besides, all the rest of our decorations are in boxes that are unreachable right now since our basement is a mess with the remodeling.  I'm lucky I was able to reach one of the fall decorations.  At least we look kind of festive.

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