fall pictures

Uploading pictures into Blogger is such a pain for me.  If I click on the center button, it won't move to the center all the time, among other things.  It's very annoying.  I've seen people put pictures side by side and have such nice looking layouts, but I could never do it on Blogger without a ton of frustration.  But tonight, I read a blog post that has really helped!

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, back before the high temperatures were only in the 50's, the trees still had leaves, and neighbors didn't have their Christmas lights up already.  I had a lot of them that I liked, but I didn't want them to be one right after another.  I wanted a nicer looking layout.  So tonight, I present to you the fall pictures that no one cooperated for.  Well, at least not all at once.

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Jennifer said...

Great pictures and good job on the layout tips!