Happy Thanksgiving!

Christopher's cousin Lauren took some family pictures for us today.  Surprisingly, she was actually able to get some of all of us looking.  Granted, not everyone was smiling (ahem, Grahm), but still, to get all of the kids to face the same direction for a picture is no easy task!  Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side and was gloomy, windy, and cool, which made for a very short photo shoot.  11 minutes to be exact.  About two minutes in, Belle was complaining of being cold; and for the first 5 minutes, Grahm was distracted by the ducks in the creek behind us.  We'll just have to try again in the summer (if you don't mind, Lauren).  But here is my favorite shot that made me laugh:

I cropped the rest of us out of there because really, no one was looking and I was making some weird face.

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