*edited to add: the two pictures on the bottom are smaller because I couldn't fit them on the page if I made them bigger.  They kept getting chopped off at the side and cutting people off.

On Halloween night, we did our usual run of visitng family members rather than going door-to-door. Our first stop was to Chris' Uncle Bob and Aunt Barb's house. Casey spent most of his time running toddling around the house since every room has two entryways and he went around in a big circle.  He loved it!

Next we went to the great-grandparents house to visit with them as well as Mimi and Grampi (Gary and Peggy), who stopped by their house after church to save us a trip driving over to their house. (Thank you!)  The kids had fun and enjoyed a couple treats while we were there.

Our last stop was to Chris' Uncle Tom and his cousin Lauren's house.  Lauren took the above picture of Belle, Casey, and Tom.  Belle loves Tom's clown nose and gets such a kick out of it every time he wears it.

We had also planned to go visit Chris' Uncle Mark and Aunt Denise, but they had gone out to dinner.  Isabelle was handing out pictures to everyone we stopped to see, so she's holding on to theirs until we see them again.

We were out for two hours just visiting those few houses, but it's a lot of work getting the kids in and out of the carseats.  It's worth it every year though.

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