Belle's Christmas Program

Yesterday, Belle performed at her first Christmas program.  She was such a cutie!  (Although I know every parent says that of their child.)  She really didn't do much singing and looked around a lot.  She would sing a few words in each song, but I don't think she sang a whole complete song though. Chris and I took the boys to the dress rehearsal in the afternoon since the actual program was at 7 p.m., which is bedtime for all the kiddos.  We met Chris' mom and grandparents there and we got really great seating.  There was probably about 30 people there for the rehearsal.  The program was great because it was only 40 minutes long for the whole school.  I hope they continue doing it that way from now on!  The younger grades (4k/5k through 2nd) definitely stole the stage and were up there for a good 15 minutes.  The other grades got fewer songs and less verses.  I'm sure a lot of the older kids were glad to not have to be up there singing for a long time.  Chris and I, along with his dad, went to the evening show.  And wow, was it packed!  I was planning on taking pictures during that show, but unfortunately we didn't have as good of seats as earlier in the day, so some of the later pictures are grainy.  (The first two pictures are from the dress rehearsal.)  Anyways, enough with my rambling and on with the pictures!


I think I actually caught her singing!

Losing interest fast...and I think this is only the first or second song.

Looking for her dad and Grampi

...and spotting them to give them a wave during a song.

Can you tell it's past her bedtime?  (We were actually sitting right next to them while they were waiting for the other groups to finish singing.)

My favorite picture, so I had to enlarge it.  *grin*  I don't know why it's my favorite, but I just really like it.


Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

I agree, I love the last pic. I think it's the expression in her eyes.

lduresky said...

I definitely agree that it is something in those beautiful eyes. Great picture!