We Are Family

Alright, cheesy blog title, I know.  But I am just so happy that we finally have a nice family picture!  Well, even though Grahm isn't smiling in the photo, it's still pretty nice.  Thanks a bunch Lauren for all the pictures!


I took a few pictures of our Thanksgiving, but they are still sitting on my camera waiting to be uploaded.  I've been too busy relaxing to want to take the time to upload them.  But I will this week!  I got My Life in Ruins from Netflix yesterday and watched that last night, which was a total waste of my time.  Dumb, dumb, dumb movie that dragged on forever.  And tonight I've been reading about what some people have gotten as white elephant gifts, and I'm getting some good ideas for our gift exchange this year at my husband's grandparent's house.  I'm getting so excited!  :)


On another note, we got our Christmas tree and put it up!  Well, Chris cut it down, put it up, and put all the lights on.  And Isabelle and I put the ornaments on, with Belle doing about 99% of them.  Sure, there are a couple bare spots, but that's fine if that means less work for me!  Besides, she was so excited getting to help put the ornaments on, that it made me happy to see the smile on her face.

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