So, it was just brought to my attention that Christmas Eve is only 10 days away.  Wow, that really snuck up on me!  I knew in my head that Christmas is next week, but when you put it in days, it seems a whole lot sooner.  It kind of makes me sad though because that means that there is only 10 more days of Christmas music.  (I'm sorry, but I just cannot listen to Christmas music after Christmas is over.  It kind of loses it's zip for me.)

I am most excited for Belle's Christmas concert next week.  She is going to be singing with the rest of her 4k/5k class.  She has been practicing at home (by singing the songs over and over again) for the past week or so now.  She is quite excited!  I love all her mispronunciations of words, like corn-cop instead of corncob, and trying to remember all the words.  She does quite well if you sing along with her though.


Belle attended her second classmate birthday party on Saturday, and she had an absolute blast!  The family actually happens to live a few houses down from us, so we were able to walk there.  The parents are both extremely nice and I felt comfortable having Belle there.  I stayed anyway to help out a little bit because I know how hectic birthday parties can be.  You always feel like you're running around with your head cut off because there are a zillion things to do.  But anyway...it was a princess party, and Belle was in Heaven! They played tea party and had lunch on blankets on the floor and sipped juice out of real tea cups.  They all got to make a crown and a wand to go with the princess outfits the girls wore, as well as get their nails painted.

Belle had a lot of fun, and I even got complimented from the parents about how polite she is.  She sure is a sweetheart, but she's growing up too fast.

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