Poor Belle has been battling a nasty cough all week.  For the past few nights, she's been waking up around 11:30 with nightmares.  And last night, after I had her lay in our bed, she complained that her ear hurt.  I gave her some Tylenol and she stopped crying almost immediately.  And then this morning, when she went to school, I asked her if her ear hurt at all and she said it didn't.  So, not knowing if the ear fiasco was actually true or if she was just being dramatic because she was overtired or if she had just slept on it funny, I made a doctor appointment for her after school (after consulting with Chris and also his parents...I needed second opinions!).  Sure enough, she has a double ear infection: one ear is completely red and the other is red on the top.  The doctor told me that if I had waited, at around 3 a.m.  it would've gotten really bad as the fluid would've built up by then.  She's a brave girl and rarely complains, so you have to know something has got to be wrong when she does.  She was so exhausted tonight that she fell asleep while I was reading books to her.  Such a sweetie.

On a brighter note, Isabelle is the "I Am Special" child this coming week in preschool.  So, that means that she gets a special poster to color and gets to hang out with "Buddy Bear".  She was so excited!  She has been talking about this for a few months now...no lie.  If she doesn't bring up the poster, she brings up Buddy Bear.  She kept asking me when it was her turn to bring him home.  I'm so glad that it's her turn now, but I just hope she'll be able to let him go next week.


Not only did we take Buddy to the doctor's office with us, but he also got to go to Mimi and Grampi's house tonight for dinner.  And as you can see, she felt the need to dress him for the weather as it's a little cold tonight.  Quite the mother hen she is.  *grin*  It was so cute though...Chris was getting the boys in the van and I was putting my shoes on when I glanced over at Belle in the hallway putting her hat and scarf on Buddy.  I think she is really going to enjoy having him around.  And now he is currently residing in her bed keeping her company while she sleeps.  He has had quite the busy day!

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