Ugh, I am exhausted.  Belle's school was having a dinner fundraiser after church tonight, and I had signed up to make three desserts.  So I spent all day baking while Chris watched the kids.  I was planning on making at least one thing yesterday, but I never got around to it.  Don't get me wrong...I love baking!  But now I am just a little tired from standing all day.  (Although I did take a 30 minute break and laid on the couch in the afternoon.)  I ended up making snickerdoodles (which were "fantastic", according to Belle), a berry cobbler (which, despite not having any sugar in it, is actually quite good!), and chocolate cupcakes.  I had actually made the cupcakes last week as well, and they are not as chocolate-y as I thought they would be.  They definitely taste like chocolate, but they are not overwhelming.  I still needed a glass of milk after eating one though!

Since the kitchen was already a mess (and still is because I don't think I could've stood another minute to do the dishes), I also made dinner tonight.  And I am not someone who cooks.  All the dishes I make I can probably count on one hand...if I'm lucky.  But there was a recipe I had been wanting to try for a while, and I thought I should make it first instead of Chris.  (Chris likes to improvise and make a recipe his own.  He is actually quite good at it and I think out of the 6 years we've been married, there have only been two dishes I haven't liked.  I can't remember what one of them was, although I can vaguely picture it, but I remember another one was some kind of ranch mashed potatoes.  It just wasn't good.  Although, I'm sure now he'll pester me about the mint chicken (what was I thinking?!) I made for him when we were dating to impress him with my culinary skills...which turned out to be lacking.  So it's a good thing he can cook!)  It was a cajun chicken pasta from my favorite blogger...although it wasn't as spicy as I liked since I didn't add as much cajun seasoning as the recipe called for because I was worried the kids wouldn't eat it because it would be too spicy.  Chris said he liked it...although it's hard to believe him because he ate the mint chicken and told me he liked that too, yet later admitted that it was awful.  (Which it was!)  Belle said it was "the best" with a smile on her face...she couldn't be lying, could she?!  And Grahm ate it, which doesn't say much because he eats practically everything.  And Casey wasn't feeling well, so he didn't really touch it...at least I'm going with that reason for why he didn't eat much.  

I must say, I am looking forward to tomorrow and relaxing.  Belle and I are going to spend the day working on her poster for school and playing Barbies.  I felt bad because she asked me a couple times today to play Barbies with her, and I just didn't have the time.  But then she seemed quite content to sit in the kitchen with me while I was baking and play games on the computer.  Her favorite game was decorating a dollhouse.  She was so proud of herself!  She even made sure to put a desk and a computer in it.  *grin*

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J.J. said...

Girl...any blog post that has chocolate, cupcakes, milk AND Barbies.....is FABULOUS!!!!!!