...This little guy turned three years old.

He loves his new Transformers and doesn't like to share them with his little brother.  Not even the empty box it came in.  (We have to work on the whole sharing thing a little more, I see.)  

This boy is obsessed with Transformers.  His Hot Wheels cars become Transformers when he has them stand up on their rear tires.  A piece of toilet paper becomes a Transformer while he's sitting on the potty.  He even turns himself into a Transformer multiple times a day.  This child loves them, to put it lightly!  He hasn't quite gotten the transformation down yet on the higher end models and pops pieces off frequently.  But he's trying!

...This littler guy turned 18 months.

He is more of an observer than a talker, that's for sure.  He loves his books, although he rarely gives you a chance to get through an entire one.  He loves his brother and sister and follows them around, but yet also likes to go off on his own and do stuff by himself.

...I am exactly 5 months away from my due date.

We go in on Monday for our big ultrasound.  While I am happy with it just being a healthy baby, I know Isabelle is desperately hoping for a sister.  She comes home from school with drawings of her baby sister, no matter how many times I tell her that it might be another brother.  She's determined, I guess.  So far I have been 3/3 in guessing the baby's gender with the other three, and I always had an idea early on.  But with this one I haven't really had anything to sway me one way or another.  No dreams, no nothing. But since I like to make a prediction, I'm going to say it's a girl.  The only thing that's leading me to that conclusion is that this baby is not a mover, and I remember Isabelle never moved much either.  But again, with Belle I never, ever felt sick.  And with this one, I felt a little nauseous like I did when I was pregnant with Casey.  But with Grahm I didn't really feel nauseous at all.  So, it's really hard to say.  And like I stated earlier, as long as the baby is healthy, I'm happy.

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