Here are the pictures from our trip a couple weekends ago.  There is an overload of Casey pictures because he didn't move very much, so it was easier to take pictures of him.  The other two, well, they were constantly on the move.


Wordless Wednesday

I just wonder what is going on in Belle's head at this moment.  
"Do I or do I not smother this ball of snow in my brother's face?"

*Oh, and this picture was taken a couple weeks ago, 
right before we got hit with 60 degree weather that melted all the snow.*


New motto...

Life's too short.

We spent the weekend with Chris' parents and his sister Lisa and her family at the Wilderness Territory, courtesy of his mom.  We had a blast, and we probably could have stayed a few more days even and still not feel like we were able to get to do everything we wanted.  Although I would've loved to take pictures of the kids all weekend to capture their happy faces, life's too short to watch it from behind the camera all the time.  So, I didn't get very many pictures.  (*pictures coming soon!  I haven't had a chance to upload them yet.*)  But being able to spend the extra time with the kids was priceless. Grahm wanted to constantly go down the water slides.  As soon as he'd get to the bottom, he'd immediately say he wanted to go again.  And these weren't just little slides...these were twisty-turny slides that I thought neither Belle nor Grahm would want to go down because they were big.  While Belle enjoyed the slides as well, she was happy playing in the water and going in the hot tub.  And Casey enjoyed the water every once in a while.  Sometimes he wanted nothing to do with it, other times he was absolutely thrilled to be playing in it.

During our stay, we lost one of our Disney Store beach towels.  These are my absolute favorite towels and the only kind I get because they stay fluffy for so long and don't get thin.  Anyway, like I said, we lost one and Chris felt bad because he felt like it was his fault.  And I didn't care.  (I actually surprised myself that I felt like that.)  Normally I would get irritated over something like that and it would've ruined my day (no lie), but not anymore.  I've learned that life's too short to get upset, no matter how big or little something is.  Why waste it over getting mad?  That accomplishes nothing and I don't ever feel better about it.  Besides, what kind of example would I be giving my kids?  A cranky mom isn't a very fun mom.  So, I just choose rather to forget about being upset and be happy instead.  I can't let things ruin my life and get me down because then it affects my attitude, and I don't want my attitude to have an effect on my kids.  Oh, and on a side note, the hotel ended up finding my towel.

I suppose you're wondering why such a deep topic about a lost towel.  Well, something happened a few weeks ago that made me realize this.  I can't go into detail about it (not health related...we're all fine!), but it did show me that life is too short to be upset.  Who wants to go through life letting the things that upset you bring you down?  Sure, I was upset/sad for a day or so, but then you've gotta snap out of it and realize there is more to life than that.  Those couple days I was like that, I was no fun...no fun for me, my husband, or my kids.  I'm sure I was pretty miserable to be around.  And once I came to that realization, I switched my attitude and just chose rather to forget about it because harboring those feelings was doing absolutely nothing to make me happy and it would've just made me feel worse and worse the more I felt that way.  And besides, being pregnant I don't need the added stress.  Having a carefree attitude has made such a big difference in my life, and I'm loving it.


Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Belle had a Dr. Seuss sleepover at her school last night with her kindergarten (4k/5k) class.  Chris and I were just planning on having her go for the activities, but she expressed an interest in actually staying the night.  She did want me to stay with her during the night, but with my bad back I'm unable to.  I told her I would stay for the activities, but would have to leave when it's bedtime.  She was happy about that decision, although I don't think she would've missed me if I left right away.  She spent most of her night running around with her friends (after having a couple snacks) and throwing her pig up in the air.  She didn't participate in any of the cute activities her teacher had planned, though.  When I picked her up in the morning, her teacher told me that her and Emma talked until 10:30 at night.  Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.  She had green eggs and ham for breakfast (and donuts), and she said they were "so, so, so, so good" and has requested Chris to make them for her again.  I have a feeling she'll be going to this again next year.  (Oh, and please forgive some of the blurry pictures.  I hate using flash, and the lighting was bad in the gym.)

Henry and Belle

Hayley and Belle (admiring the Dora tent with the "secret" door)

Some pig throwing (not the football kind)

Some running...

Belle showing me where she was going to sleep

...Some more running

Lily, Emma, and Belle getting ready for bed

And finally, lights out!  


Where's spring?

I think Elly is clearly bored with winter as we all are.  I am getting really sick of all the cold weather and snow.  It makes it really hard to not miss spring when the sun actually decides to shine and the wind chime is blowing in the wind.  But then you step outside and it is definitely not spring-like out.  I know our kids are getting quite anxious for spring to arrive so they can ride their bikes.  I'm just looking forward to not having to put bulky coats on them anymore and getting them all bundled up.  It's the little things that I miss.  It *might* actually get up to 40 degrees later this week, although I'm not holding my breath.  But mid- to high-30's is quite an improvement over what it has been lately.

Rainbow Brite review

I was recently sent a Rainbow Brite activity CD, courtesy of MomSelect and Hallmark.  It contained puzzles, games,  coloring pages and a little Rainbow Brite cartoon.  The reason for this CD was to get people aware that they are reintroducing Rainbow Brite back into the market.  Personally, I wasn't very impressed with her new look.  Yes, she looks the same, but she also looks more mature as well.  She doesn't look like the little girl I remember from my childhood.  The games they had on the CD (some of which are also available on the Hallmark website here) were okay, but I still had to help my daughter a little with it.  (And believe me, it is rare when I have to help her with a game on the computer!)  While I am excited that they are bringing Rainbow Brite back, I am a little sad about her updated look.  I also don't like that they made her into a Barbie doll (of sorts) and is no longer a plush doll.  Currently the doll is available only at Target, but she will be coming to Toys 'R Us soon.  If you are interested in some animated shorts, you can find the link for that here.  Her message is still about courage, kindness, and hope, but I just can't get over her changed image. 

*The picture was taken from MomSelect.  Also, I was given the CD free in return for my honest opinion.*