Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Belle had a Dr. Seuss sleepover at her school last night with her kindergarten (4k/5k) class.  Chris and I were just planning on having her go for the activities, but she expressed an interest in actually staying the night.  She did want me to stay with her during the night, but with my bad back I'm unable to.  I told her I would stay for the activities, but would have to leave when it's bedtime.  She was happy about that decision, although I don't think she would've missed me if I left right away.  She spent most of her night running around with her friends (after having a couple snacks) and throwing her pig up in the air.  She didn't participate in any of the cute activities her teacher had planned, though.  When I picked her up in the morning, her teacher told me that her and Emma talked until 10:30 at night.  Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.  She had green eggs and ham for breakfast (and donuts), and she said they were "so, so, so, so good" and has requested Chris to make them for her again.  I have a feeling she'll be going to this again next year.  (Oh, and please forgive some of the blurry pictures.  I hate using flash, and the lighting was bad in the gym.)

Henry and Belle

Hayley and Belle (admiring the Dora tent with the "secret" door)

Some pig throwing (not the football kind)

Some running...

Belle showing me where she was going to sleep

...Some more running

Lily, Emma, and Belle getting ready for bed

And finally, lights out!  

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