Rainbow Brite review

I was recently sent a Rainbow Brite activity CD, courtesy of MomSelect and Hallmark.  It contained puzzles, games,  coloring pages and a little Rainbow Brite cartoon.  The reason for this CD was to get people aware that they are reintroducing Rainbow Brite back into the market.  Personally, I wasn't very impressed with her new look.  Yes, she looks the same, but she also looks more mature as well.  She doesn't look like the little girl I remember from my childhood.  The games they had on the CD (some of which are also available on the Hallmark website here) were okay, but I still had to help my daughter a little with it.  (And believe me, it is rare when I have to help her with a game on the computer!)  While I am excited that they are bringing Rainbow Brite back, I am a little sad about her updated look.  I also don't like that they made her into a Barbie doll (of sorts) and is no longer a plush doll.  Currently the doll is available only at Target, but she will be coming to Toys 'R Us soon.  If you are interested in some animated shorts, you can find the link for that here.  Her message is still about courage, kindness, and hope, but I just can't get over her changed image. 

*The picture was taken from MomSelect.  Also, I was given the CD free in return for my honest opinion.*

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