My Turn

Because I didn't want Chris to feel like I was singling him out, I thought I'd show you my dresser.  (Yes, "my dresser" as I call it, even though both of our clothes are in it.  It's just, all of my junk is on top.)  I would just like to note that the pop can in the lower left hand corner is Chris' though.  (*grin*)  And I hadn't made the bed at the time, so all the stuff on the bed wasn't picked up.  The picture really looks a lot worse than it is since you're seeing that stuff as well in the mirror.  Okay, it's still just as bad even with the bed made up.  Maybe next week I'll post a picture of all the stuff I have next to the dresser!  Ugh, I really need to get organized a little bit better.  I'm just trying to stay on top of keeping the basement and kitchen/living room area presentable, I don't have time to organize all my stuff.  I would need a whole day of uninterrupted time to do that, and that's just not going to happen.  Thankfully Chris doesn't bother me about it, although I'm sure it makes him itch just looking at it.


Wordless Wednesday


This is an almost daily occurrence for me.  The magazine rack is right there...you'd think it would be so easy to put the magazine away rather than lay it on the counter.  Aargh!  Of course, maybe next week I'll take a picture of our dresser and show you the piles of papers and other miscellaneous stuff I have stacked on it.  Suddenly, a lone magazine doesn't look quite so bad.  *grin*