A picture of Casey and some ramblings....

So, I'm finally going through my pictures tonight so that I can get some ordered, and I came across this one.  Not quite sure what he's yelling about, although I'm pretty sure it's a happy yell since the pictures after it he's smiling.

Anyway, I have been really busy the past few days working in our yard.  A lot of the bushes and flowers have just become overrun and look awful, so I've slowly been working on them so that it looks a lot nicer.  I had to stop early tonight because my fingers just have no more strength left to pull out any more weeds or grass that thinks it belongs in the flower beds.  On a positive note, the yard is looking a lot nicer!  And the weather has been very pleasant the past few days, so the kids and I have been able to spend more time outside.  And Chris got down my maternity belt from the closet shelf last night, so I was able to go for a walk this afternoon with the boys.  It's been nice not being cooped up in the house.  Oh, and I know I am way behind on posting a belly picture, but I will try to get to it this week.  At my last doctor visit on Monday, she said that my belly is measuring exactly.  So, things are going well!

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AndreaLeigh said...

great picture!

i need to get to work in our yard. it looks a hot mess.