Finally, I'm back to blogging after being gone for almost three months.  Finally, our newest member of the family is here (with pictures to come soon!).  Finally, Belle turned five years old!  (Wow, is that possible?!)  And finally, everyone in our family is well enough to have a belated birthday party for her.  (Poor thing was sick all night/morning the day of her birthday.)

We had a couple of Belle's friends over for her party today...or rather, a play-date with cupcakes, as I like to call it.  We put some streamers up, blew up some balloons, had some cupcakes, and a pinata to knock down.  Chris also had some water balloons ready for them and the sprinkler was out because it was so incredibly humid today, but at least the sun wasn't out so it wasn't completely unbearable.  Belle really enjoyed the special time with her friends.

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